Distance Learning/Remote Instruction

How Will I Access Instruction?
Your classroom teacher will be coordinating your distance learning duringDistance Learning
the current suspension of in-school instruction due to COVID-19.  Some teachers have provided take-home materials for you to utilize while other teachers may be using only an online platform for you to complete your daily work.  Your teachers will be primarily communicating with you via:
  • Email (a student's school email/parent and or guardian email)
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Meet-up
  • Zoom
  • Phone Call
Students, do your best to have a daily schedule to keep you on track each day to complete your classwork.
  • Get up at a regular time each day, have breakfast and change out of your pajamas.
  • Log in each day per your teacher's instructions and checking in with your teacher and or classmates.
  • Just like your teacher has a daily schedule, create one of your own! Some daily schedule activities might be:
    • Art, Calendar, Daily 5, Silent Reading, Journal, Language Arts, Math, Music, PE, Recess (2 or 3 or 4!!), Science and Social Studies
    • You might want to add a field trip to your schedule.  Check below for some additional resources to make your days fun and engaging.
    • If you are having trouble or need support, check with a friend and then check with your teacher.
Student Daily Schedules
First Two Weeks:
Main Option: 
Virtual Option (CVVPE)
Additional Resources
Free Worksheets (Math, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary, Cursive, Grammar, Flashcards)

More to come... (art, games, music, movement, science, and additional resources) so check back soon!